The Miche Bag Customizable Purses

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Ever heard of a Miche Bag? If you’re like me, you like to be able to switch up your purses all of the time. It’s hard trying to match several different outfits to one purse, unless you go with the basics. A basic purse is not as much fun though, now is it? That’s where the Miche Bag comes in.

The Miche Bag is a bag that allows you to never have to switch purses again. All of your essentials are in one spot and you never have to switch your accessories in and out of several different purses. Very convenient if you ask me. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I think so.

So this is how the Miche Bag works.

First – you get your Miche base bag. There are 4 different styles to choose from. Select from the Prima, Classic, Demi & Petite base bags. Go with a petite sized purse, classic base bag, or slightly larger purse like the Demi or Prima. Also select from the colors black or brown for your base bag.


Second – this is where it gets fun! Pick from a variety of shells to “decorate” your Miche Bag and use this shell to go over your Prima, Class, Demi, or Petite base bag! Depending on your mood and outfit pick out a shell that you know you will love. Also be sure to pick out extra shells for when your mood changes and you are going out in a hot new outfit. Because you know that your mood will change, and often. At least my mood likes to change all of the time.

One of my personal favorite shells is the Janine shell, which is a feminine pink shell made out of faux leather and an extra chic texture. The site calls this shell high-style flair, and I happen to agree. Bring your base bag and this shell (together they make a perfect pair), and go on a date and have fun!

Third – Yay – you now have one bag that works as several bags! How cool is that?! Take care of your base bag and keep it clean – you’ll want to keep it in tip top shape so that you can buy several shells to accessorize it with. After you’re done having fun with your purse, don’t forget about the accessories.

There are coin purses, bag charmers, and more to choose from. My favorite accessory is the Gumdrop Bag Charmer. Super blue and cute, it reminds me of the ocean. Plus it would go heavenly with a blue shell or something basic like black. I can’t wait to accessorize away when I finally have my Miche Bag!

So there you have it. One bag. Several shells and accessories = one fabulous handbag. Switch it up depending on your mood without spending tons of money. Oh, and not to mention you don’t have to take your lipgloss, keys, money, hair brush, makeup, etc. out of your bag every single time. Now all you have to switch is the shell and you’ve yourself a new fabulous handbag!

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bags. They’re gorgeous, creative, and great with space too. They come with several different pockets inside of the bag too, enough to store all of your accessories, cell phone, and more. You already know I like extra space, so you better believe I’ll be getting a bag that can help me carry a favorite book or my new Amazon Kindle. Yay.