Spring Colors Every Closet Needs

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Spring is my second favorite season (Fall is the first). I love the pretty weather and the burst of colors that comes through nature, from the trees and the grass to the flowers and the birds. Everything just seems to be alive and growing. There is an excitement and anticipation in the air, just knowing that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. Being outside is so therapeutic to me.

With Spring fast approaching, it’s time to start packing away the winter clothes and moving the spring and summer clothes to the front. I love going through my closet periodically to remember exactly what pieces I have to work with. There’s something refreshing about getting rid of old clothes and making room for new clothes. The warmer weather brings about a desire for brighter colors and bold outfits. There’s a few colors that are really “in” for Spring right now. I usually don’t worry about being really trendy, but these colors are so fun that you will want to jump right on the bandwagon! Read on.

Spring Trends by mgcheerl featuring a button shirt


In outfit number one, the cobalt jeans are the scene stealer. Cobalt is such a bright color and really looks good on all skin tones, whether fair or dark. My favorite way to wear cobalt is with jeans (as above) or with a great blazer. Then you can pull more neutral pieces from your closet to pair with this bright color. Don’t be afraid to pair other colors with it, though. Look how awesome that yellow belt goes with the bright blue! I’ve been looking for some cobalt jeans and I love this Guess pair. Don’t forget to use coupons, as sometimes jeans can be a little pricey.


The second outfit pictured above is my favorite color combination right now…turquoise and coral. Talk about stunning. These two colors go so well together in any version, whether its clothing, home design or stationery. I just can’t get enough of their pairing. I used the white skirt as a calm neutral piece since there is so much color going on everywhere else. Look for turquoise and coral jewelry or shoes that you can add to pieces that you already own in your closet.


Oh, pink. My favorite color. I’m so glad that it is officially “in” right now. I mean, to me it’s always in, but I’m not a fashion trendsetter unfortunately. I love the bright pop of color that the pink jeans add to the outfit. Talk about stepping out in style! These are perfect for those days where you are channeling your feminine, girly side. Paired with a flowy white blouse and a pair of nude pumps, this is an outfit that you can be comfortable in all day. Bonus: you will look amazing, too!

Don’t forget to use the accessories that you already have to add a little oomph to your outfits, including jewelry, belts, scarves and shoes. Go ahead and start shopping…these colors are waiting to be worn. I know they are pretty bold, but give them a try. You will be amazed. Oh, and guys, don’t feel left out. Y’all can wear these colors, too. A cobalt or pink t-shirt is completely acceptable.