Spoil Your Furry Feline Friend Starting Now

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Even though I’ve never owned a cat I’ve always thought they would be a great addition to my home. My Grandma has had cats ever since I can remember and most of them have had very pleasant demeanors and are fun to play with. If a cat is young enough, they love to play with you and if you’re not careful they might swipe their playful paws right at you too!

If I had a cat I think I would want to spoil him or her rotten. There are so many fashionable and appropriate gadgets and gizmos for your pets, it’s impossible to not buy them! Here are a few of my favorite picks and for all of you cat owners and lovers – you should definitely check these out!

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Water Dish for Cats & Dogs – $38

If your sweet kitty always prefers to drink water out of the faucet when you turn it on while you are only trying to get a drink for yourself, invest in this unique filtered waterfall! Instead of turning your faucets on all of the time you can give your cat his or her own faucet. Allowing your cat to drink from the faucet may seem cute at first but over time it may become time consuming!

Three Condo Cat Tree in Beige Faux Fur – $140

If you want your feline friend to feel on top of the world, spoil them rotten with a climbing condo cat tree. The plywood top pole on this condo cat tree is adjustable and can be attached to the ceiling! Cats love exploring new heights and this condo cat tree will not only look good in your living room, but your cat will love it just as much.

Cat Litter Box Mahogamy Cabinet – $173

If you want to seamlessly disguise your cat’s litter box, this cabinet is the perfect way to do it! This handsome cabinet is an ideal way to conceal your cat’s litter box. It also has stylish details that will go with all of your decor. This cat litter box comes with only an opening on the right side of the cabinet, so that after the cat does his or her business they can be on their way!

Ethical Pet Motion Activated Cat Ball Cat Toy – $3.49

Let your cat have fun playing with a cat ball that looks unique and that will also keep your cat entertained for hours! If I had a cat I would definitely get lots of toys to entertain him or her throughout the day.

Turbo Track Cat Toy – $23

Saving the best toy for last (in my opinion) is the track for your cat! Continue to entertain your kitty and yourself by watching your kitty go crazy over the ball that goes around and around on the track! Instead of sleeping all day your sweet cat will be too busy trying to catch what’s on the track. Looks like fun to me!

Now that you’ve been given many new cat toys and products to look over, why not spoil your cat in the new year and give them something that they will love? If I had a cat I definitely would spoil him or her all year long!