Sail The World With Nautical Decor

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I’m hoping to move in with my boyfriend in the near future, so decor items and what theme to incorporate has most definitely been on my mind. We both have a deep love for the ocean, so I’m thinking that nautical decor might be something we both can embrace. There are several different ocean themed items to choose from and here are a few that have caught my eye.

I thought this 30″ Hanging Canvas Nautical Decor Knot Board was quite unique as it showcases different knots. Who would have known that there are so many knots that can be tied depending on what you are accomplishing?! When I went sailing with my boyfriend in San Francisco I was astounded as to all of the steps that take place while you are sailing. I can’t image being in a ship and having to learn how to tie so many unique knots for different purposes. It must be a lot of work!

What about a Silver Ship Porthole Mirror? If you are going to stick with a nautical theme, a porthole mirror will make you feel like you are out at sea, gearing up for your next mission. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, portholes give you a glimpse of water when you need it the most, especially if you tend to get sea sick. I love how portholes are circular, which is unique in comparison to a normally square window.

Now if I really wanted to create a nautical theme, I could eventually purchase a Nautical Sailboat Art Wood Frame Indoor Table Top Fan which could transform my stand alone fans into a stylish home accent. In Southern California you definitely need fans in the summer months and since we live by the beach, we don’t have air conditioning. No one likes to look at fans with the dust particles that have gathered, so a fan frame might be just what the doctor ordered.

I’m really loving this Sailing Tortola Canvas Art. My boyfriend has sailed in multiple places, so anything with sailing he will like. I would ideally enjoy locating a canvas art shot of a sail boat in San Francisco or in St. John in the Carribean. Both places are locations that my boyfriend adores, so I might have to go on a canvas sailboat hunt. This print is quite lovely and full of ocean dreams though.

Why not tie everything together with an American Home Rug Co. Beach Rug in our kitchen or living room? The colors would match all of the other decor items I have picked out, and stripes are the perfect beach theme to tie into a ocean themed home. Plus, did you know that you can find a number of additional nautical decor items at sites such as the Home Decorators Collection. Don’t forget about the Home Decorators coupons and discounts that are available on!

Now when my boyfriend and I head out to the beach, we won’t be missing it quite as often when we return to our dreamy home. Blues generally are calming and since both my boyfriend and I work out of our home, our home will be calming, blissful, and remind us of all of our ocean adventures to come. I can’t wait.