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The Benefits Of THCV Gummies For Weight Management

When it comes to weight management, there are many options available. But one of the newest and most exciting products on the market is THC-V gummies. These gummies contain tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a cannabinoid found in hemp plants that can help with appetite suppression and metabolic regulation. Here we’ll dive deeper into how THCV gummies can help with weight management and why they may be your best option for achieving your desired weight loss goals.

What is THCV?

THCV is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants, most commonly found in sativa strains such as Durban Poison or Jack Herer. Unlike its more popular counterpart, THC, this cannabinoid does not produce psychoactive effects — meaning you won’t get high from using it. Instead, it provides therapeutic benefits such as reducing inflammation and regulating metabolism, making it an ideal choice for those looking to lose weight safely and effectively.

How Do THCV Gummies Help With Weight Management?

Numerous ways consuming THCV gummies can help with weight loss:

• Appetite Suppression

Studies have shown that when taken in small doses over time, the compound can reduce hunger cravings without having any adverse side effects on the body’s natural ability to regulate hunger hormones. This makes it an ideal solution for those who want to control their calorie intake without feeling deprived or dealing with uncomfortable feelings of hunger all day long.

• Metabolic Regulation

The cannabinoids in these gummies have been known to regulate insulin levels in the body, which helps to balance blood sugar levels and prevent fat storage by releasing stored fat cells for energy production instead. This means that taking regular doses of these gummies could potentially speed up your metabolism and assist you on your journey towards reaching your desired weight loss goals faster than ever before.

• Increased Energy Levels

As well as helping to regulate metabolism, studies have also found that consuming these small amounts of THCV can increase energy levels throughout the day – without giving users an unsafe surge of energy like some stimulant-based supplements often do. This increased energy allows dieters to be more active throughout the day which again helps them burn off calories quicker whilst still enjoying themselves at the same time!

Benefits Of Using THCV Gummies For Weight Loss

As well as offering numerous health benefits associated with weight management, using THCV gummies has several other advantages when compared with other alternatives such as synthetic appetite suppressants or stimulants:

• Safe To Use

All CBD products must follow strict guidelines set by regulatory bodies such as The Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures that all batches produced are safe for human consumption – unlike some over-the-counter drugs, which may have unknown side effects when used long term due to their higher potency nature or lower quality manufacturing processes.

• Natural Ingredients

Many products claiming to assist with dieting can contain artificial flavors or ingredients that may add unnecessary calories or unhealthy preservatives to our diets – something you won’t find within any good quality CBD product! By opting for natural solutions such as these gummies, you know exactly what goes into each dose, so there’s no need to worry about ingesting anything potentially harmful during your quest for optimum health and wellness!

• Discreet & Convenient

Regular doses of these supplements don’t require any complicated preparation; pop one in your mouth every few hours throughout the day – just like eating sweets! What’s more, they’re discreetly packaged, so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing what you’re taking, which means if you’d rather not talk about dieting openly, this could be a great way to go!

The bottom line

In conclusion, there are many benefits associated with using thc-v gummy bears to manage weight loss goals, from reducing cravings to increasing metabolic efficiency and providing a sustained energy boost throughout the day! So if you’re looking for a natural way to lose weight, try these delicious treats today!

The Benefits Of Exhale’s Collection Of High THCA Strains: Unlocking the Potential of THCA Flower

THCA stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or simply put, it is the precursor to THC. It has many potential benefits but is most commonly known as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. It’s only when heated that THCA converts to THC, so its effects are much milder than what you’d expect from traditional cannabis use. This means it can be used medicinally and recreationally without the same intense “high” feeling associated with THC. For this reason, many people are turning to exhale’s collection of high thca strains like those found in their online store for their health and wellness needs. Here we look at how to consume these strains for maximum benefit optimally.

Understanding What High Thca Strains Offer

High THCA strains have numerous potential therapeutic benefits. Most notably, they offer anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce pain and swelling while also improving one’s overall sense of wellbeing. Additionally, some studies suggest that this cannabinoid may help to reduce nausea, stimulate appetite, aid sleep quality and improve focus and mental clarity – all without producing any psychoactive effects or ‘highs’. As such, these specialised strains are becoming increasingly more popular amongst medical professionals as an alternative form of medication for those who want to avoid the side effects associated with other medications or traditional THC-heavy flower products.

Selecting Your Strain

When choosing a strain from Exhale’s collection of high thca strains it’s important to do your research first. You’ll need to consider factors such as terpene profiles (which provide information on aroma and flavour), THC/CBD ratios (which will determine potency levels) as well as CBD/THC ratios (which will dictate the type of effect you should expect). Taking into account both user reviews and lab results can help make sure you get the best product for your individual needs.

How To Consume Your Strain

Once you’ve chosen your strain, there are a number of ways to enjoy it, depending on the type of experience you’re looking for:

1) Smoking/Vaping

Depending on where you live, this may be one of the most accessible methods; however, due to its intensity, some may opt for another consumption option such as edibles or oils instead.

2) Edibles

When ingested through food, such as brownies or gummy bears, users get longer lasting effects compared to smoking/vaping, but often at a lower intensity; making them ideal for those new to using cannabis products or wanting something low dose/light feeling throughout the day!

3) Oils & Tinctures

Extracting cannabinoids through the oil extraction process results in higher concentrations than traditionally smoked flower, meaning that users will experience even more powerful medicinal benefits within minutes of ingestion – perfect if someone is looking for quick relief from symptoms!

Precautions when consuming high-THC strains

It’s important to remember that consuming too much of a high THCA strain could potentially result in some unpleasant side effects due to its potency levels, including dizziness, dry mouth/eyesight, headaches etc. Therefore if taking orally then start slow by taking small doses over time until you are comfortable enough with dosage amounts before increasing further accordingly! Also, remember that smoking isn’t necessarily good for your health either, so try not to inhale large amounts too often…

Finding the right balance for optimal consumption

In summary, understanding what high-THC strains have to offer and selecting a specific strain to suit individual preferences is key to unlocking their full potential, followed by finding the right balance between consumption method(s) and dosage size per occasion to achieve optimal results every time! In this way, users can access powerful healing properties while avoiding unwanted side effects – making Exhale’s collection an excellent choice when looking to expand today’s medically focused cannabis options!

Finding The Best Delta 9 Gummies for a Delicious and Discreet Cannabis Experience

The discovery of hemp gummies, in particular Delta 9 Gummies, has been a revolutionary development in cannabis consumption. Due to their delicious flavors and discreet nature, Delta 9 gummies have become increasingly popular among those who enjoy consuming cannabis edibles – without some of the drawbacks of other edible types such as smoking or vaping. But what makes these gummies so special?

Delta 9 Gummies are cannabis-infused products created by extracting THC from marijuana plants. These extracts are then infused into various food items such as candy, cookies, brownies and more. The effects of these edibles can range from mild relaxation to intense euphoria depending on the strain used and dosage consumed. They come in various flavors such as mango, raspberry, blueberry, watermelon and many others. These treats make it easy for anyone to enjoy THC’s benefits without dealing with the smell or smoke associated with traditional marijuana use. Plus they’re easy to take on-the-go!

Benefits Of Delta 9 Gummies

When it comes to finding an enjoyable way to consume cannabis, Delta 9 gummies offer users a number of advantages over other methods available. Firstly, due to their small size and flavourings, they are much easier to consume than other forms of edibles, which may require several pieces or whole slices to achieve the desired results. Secondly, because they don’t produce smoke or smell like smoking, they are far less conspicuous when consumed discreetly in public places such as restaurants or cinemas. Finally, because each piece contains a pre-determined amount of THC, they allow for accurate dosing for users seeking a specific experience each time they use them – something that is not always possible with other methods, such as smoking medical marijuana flower products.

Potency & Dosage

When it comes to potency and dosage, there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to using Delta 9 gummies, as everyone reacts differently depending on their body weight and tolerance levels. It is therefore important that first time users start with low doses (1-2 pieces) until they find their ideal level before gradually increasing over time if necessary. It is also worth noting that although these products contain high concentrations of THC, they do not carry the same risks associated with recreational drugs such as alcohol, making them particularly suitable for those who wish to maintain sobriety but still enjoy the benefits of using cannabis safely and responsibly within the legal guidelines set by law enforcement officials in your area/country.

How do you find the right product for you?

With so many different companies now producing variations of this product it can be difficult to know where best to source authentic Delta Nine gummy bears from reputable suppliers; however, there are certain things you should consider before making your purchase, including researching reviews of individual brands online before buying anything – this will give you an indication of how reliable/trustworthy that supplier is. Another good tip is to ask friends/family members about any experiences they’ve had with potential sources before deciding what’s right for you personally. Finally, if possible, try different strains from local dispensaries before settling on one – this will give you an idea of what works best in terms of flavor preference, potency levels and so on.

The bottom line

In conclusion, Delta Nine gummy bears offer consumers delicious yet discreet ways to consume cannabis without having to worry about the odours and smell associated with smoking regular flower buds; plus thanks to recent advances in technology, usage can now be accurately dosed every single time, which is a great advantage especially for people who only take tiny amounts at given times! All said and done, just remember to do proper research before buying anything to ensure you get the most bang for your buck whilst staying safe at the same time!

The Best Way To Store and Preserve Your Exhale Delta 8 Gummies

Consuming delta-8 gummies is one of the most popular ways to get your daily dose of delta-8 THC. But have you considered how to store and preserve them? Proper storage allows you to keep your exhale gummies fresh for much longer! Here are some tips on how to store and preserve your delta-8 gummies so that they last as long as possible.

1. Keep Them Out of Direct Light

Exhale Delta 8 Gummies should be stored in a cool, dark place away from direct light. Keeping them out of direct sunlight will help prevent their active ingredients from breaking down over time due to the UV radiation in sunlight. This will also help prevent them from discoloring or otherwise degraded due to light exposure.

2. Avoid High Humidity Levels

High humidity levels can also degrade Exhale Delta 8 Gummies over time, making them less potent and reducing their shelf life significantly. To avoid this, make sure that you store them in an airtight container or zip-lock bag, and avoid storing them in highly humid environments such as bathrooms or kitchens.

3. Refrigerate Your Gummies If Necessary

If you live in a hot climate or if you don’t want to take any chances with preserving your Exhale Delta 8 Gummies, then consider refrigerating them for optimal preservation. This will help reduce the activity of the enzymes that naturally break down cannabinoids over time, thus prolonging their shelf life substantially compared to storing at room temperature (which is still quite safe). Just make sure not to freeze your gummies – freezing temperatures can cause damage to the physical structure of the gummy itself, which could affect its taste or potency when consumed later on.

4. Use Air Tight Containers When Storing Your Gummies

Using an airtight container is essential for both storage and preservation when it comes to Exhale Delta 8 Gummies – it helps to keep out oxygen, which can speed up degradation processes within the gummy itself, as well as keeping out contaminants such as dust particles or other airborne debris, which can affect the taste and texture when consumed later. Glass jars work well for this purpose, but plastic containers are also fine, depending on the environment in which they’ll be stored (e.g. fridge vs. cupboard).

5 . Check your stock regularly for freshness and discard old stock as necessary.

It’s important to check your stock regularly for any signs of spoilage, such as discolouration, changes in taste/texture etc. If you notice any deterioration, discard any old stock immediately before consumption, as expired products may no longer have the desired effects and could even be harmful if consumed after the expiry date! For best results – always buy fresh batches whenever possible so that only high quality product reaches the end user each time!

6 . Buy in smaller quantities to reduce waste of expired products

If you’re buying large quantities of exhale Delta 8 gum, then try splitting it up into smaller quantities to help reduce the waste caused by too much product expiring before you’re able to consume all the items you’ve purchased in a timely manner! This way – only the exact amount you need would be purchased at any one time, while avoiding the waste associated with over-purchasing! Plus – smaller purchases also tend to cost less overall, so financially this strategy makes sense in most scenarios anyway!

7 . Don’t share your edibles with others unless you know their tolerance level.

Even though edibles, like exhale delta 8 gummy bears, are generally considered safe for consumption – tolerance levels vary greatly between individuals, so be careful about sharing these products with others unless you know they can handle a certain dosage correctly (or if they’re already familiar with delta 8 THC products!). Always read labels carefully before giving anything to anyone else, just in case there are unexpected side effects!

8 . Follow these tips to get the most out of every pack of Exhale Delta-8 gum you buy.

Following these basic tips should ensure that every pack of Exhale Delta 8 Gummie you purchase remains fresh & potent until the date indicated on the packaging – helping to maximise the value received from each purchase made, without sacrificing safety either! So go ahead & enjoy those delicious medicated treats, safe in the knowledge that they will remain effective until the very last piece has been eaten!

Why Christian Dior Handbags are Worth the Investment

Christian Dior handbags are some of the most fashion-forward, stunning, and timeless investments you can make in your wardrobe. With their iconic designs, superior craftsmanship, and luxurious materials, these pieces will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for an everyday companion or something special to wear on a night out, buy Christian Dior handbags from HGBagsOnline to get the perfect look.

The History Behind Christian Dior

Since its launch in 1946, the House of Dior has been associated with elegance and sophistication. Founded by French fashion designer Christian Dior, his eponymous brand quickly became one of the world’s leading couture houses. From its classic ‘New Look’ silhouette dresses to groundbreaking haute couture collections, each item created by this illustrious label is a work of art that transcends time and trends.

Why Invest in a Christian Dior Bag?

When it comes to luxury items like designer bags, few labels match the quality and craftsmanship of Christian Dior. These beautifully made pieces never go out of style and are renowned for their superior quality materials and impeccable attention to detail. As such, investing in one of these bags makes great financial sense – not only do they retain their value for years after purchase but they also provide a timeless style that will stand the test of time.

Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

All Christian Dior bags are crafted using only the finest materials available. From soft calfskin leathers sourced from Italy or France to intricately woven silk fabrics sourced from Switzerland or Japan; each component is carefully chosen for optimal performance and longevity. Furthermore, every bag is handmade by expert artisans who pay close attention to every stitch and seam ensuring nothing less than perfection when it comes to construction quality.

Statement Designs & Timeless Style

One thing that sets Christian Dior apart from other luxury brands is its commitment to creating statement designs while still retaining timeless style appeal. While some designers opt for bolder colors or intricate embellishments, all handbags designed by this house feature clean lines alongside muted hues which help them blend seamlessly into any ensemble without being overly loud or bold. This approach ensures that no matter what season it is; these pieces will always be relevant additions to your wardrobe – making them great investments for years down the line!

Innovative Hardware & Practical Features

Another reason to buy a designer bag from this brand is its innovative hardware features, such as signature metal clasps, which add extra security while keeping everything inside safe during travel or storage. In addition, many styles come with adjustable straps so that they can be worn across the body or over the shoulder, depending on personal preference – providing both comfort and convenience throughout use!

Stylish accessories for every occasion

No matter what occasion you need an accessory for, there is always a perfect option within the collection at HGBagsOnline. From sleek crossbody silhouettes ideal for a day out exploring the city, to structured totes perfect for the workday, to glamorous clutches suitable for a night out dancing; whatever mood you’re trying to create, there’s always something waiting just around the corner!

The bottom line:

Whether you’re just starting to build your luxury goods collection or already have an extensive wardrobe full of beautiful designer pieces, investing in one (or more!) pieces from Christian Dior should definitely be considered, as they offer unparalleled quality and a timeless design aesthetic that’s guaranteed to last for generations! And if you’re specifically looking to buy a genuine article, don’t forget to check out HGBagsOnline where shoppers can find amazing deals at unmissable prices all year round!

New Year’s Gifts For Yourself Or A Loved One: 5 Luxurious Bags

Having a variety of handbags is every women’s dream. They can complete a woman’s look and give you an advantage as she goes about her day. Handbags are a women’s best friend; they can be different from looking elegant to looking trashy in mere seconds. Many renowned brands provide their best collection as per women’s needs. They also offer their handbags in different designs and colors to suit your personality. The finest from Paris, Italy, and Spain, these handbags are crafted from the finest materials.

Every handbag is unique, and more importantly, every bag is made to last. The best part about these bags is that they come in various colors and styles like nylon, leather, and calf hair. In addition, each handbag comes with an extra touch of class that makes these bags a force to be reckoned with. So, if you’re New Year’s Goal is to find that perfect gift for yourself or someone else at Here is my list of the five most luxurious handbags for 2023.

Styles Of Luxury Bags That Women Should Have!

Before starting with the top 5 Luxurious bags, let’s see what different styles of bags available in the market are according to every woman’s need? So let’s have a look at them now:

  • Handbag style

Handbags are one the best style that every woman should have in their wardrobe. The stylish handbags come in various designs, styles, and colors. A perfect bag is one that every woman needs for their daily use. And, of course, these bags will fit your personality like a glove.

  • Sling style Bags

The following style of bag is the sling style. These are sling bags made with various designs, styles, and colors. Unique in design and featured with the longer straps and buckles, this bag easily goes through your body.

  • Satchel Bags

A satchel bag is one of the oldest styles of bags that are still considered a trendsetter for fashion statements in every women’s lifestyle. A pouch is specifically designed for stylish women who want to show their unique point of view about their personalities, such as drama or elegance.

  • Wallet

A wallet is one of the most popular day-to-day bags used by women. It also comes in various designs, styles, and colors. A perfect wallet will come in with a large storage capacity for your daily use, such as keeping credit cards, IDs, or any other important papers.

  • Everyday Bag

An everyday bag is a perfect choice for modern women who have a busy schedule. These bags come with multi-purpose, such as a shoulder bag or crossbody. This is one of the most common choices for women around you.

5 Luxurious Handbags Of 2023

  • Dior

If you are a fan of Dior, this handbag is the perfect pick. This ultra-luxurious leather tote bag features a detachable shoulder strap and opens like a book. Perfect for everyday use and can be any woman’s go-to bag. You will surely love this bag as it is designed to fit every pocket need. The best part is that this bag is crafted from 100% genuine leather and comes in various colors. So get this bag and show the world your style!

  • Crocodile Birkin Bag

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Birkin bag? If yes, then this handbag from Crocodile will make your dream come true. This bag is crafted with absolutely no stitching and has the same grip and consignment as the famous Birkins. The best thing about it is that it comes in various colors for its users to choose from. You can be the sole owner of this stunning luxury bag by simply contacting their website or retail store to order.

  • Christian Lacroix Despagne

For women looking for an extravagant gift, this Lacroix despagne is an excellent choice. Crafted in exquisite suede fabric with a handle, the shoulder bag serves two purposes: storage and fashionable occupation. The best part is that it comes in various bright colors suit every personality type. So, if you want to uplift your style, this handbag will surely help you out. You can easily purchase the bag online or in New York City; check out the store there!

  • Dolce and Gabbana

Crafted from calfskin leather, this tote by Dolce and Gabbana is a great choice for every woman who wants a luxurious fashion statement at an affordable price. This oversized bag has a unique design with a structured body and strong handles. It also features zip pockets along the sides for more storage options. The best part is that it comes in different colors and can be used as a handbag and a tote. No matter where you are, this bag will surely attract every eye.

  • Hermes

Made from leather, this Hermes Birkin is available on the brand’s website at reasonable prices. Similar to other expensive brands, it comes with a rectangular shape and features decorative stitching. It also features the brand’s signature bee clasp that adds more style to its overall look. The best part is that this handbag will match your style statement and give you an elegant look in no time, while this bag is available online.

Now that you know the best luxury handbags designed don’t miss the chance to own any of these handbags. These are certainly worth showing off and will be perfect for every woman’s style statement. Hope you enjoy browsing through this list and choose your favorite handbag for 2022.

Essential Tips For Selecting A Luxury Villa On Rent Under Budget!

Holidays supposed to be relaxing and it is the leisure time which needs to be spent in Luxury Villa in Casa Marlago at least once. Luxury is the amalgamation of a few tiny elements that usually bind and work together. All such things will create a perfect stay for people while transforming their prime desire into reality.

The truth is that the demand for Luxury Villa in Casa Marlago is rapidly growing and attracting more wealthy investors and people to stay in. therefore, selecting a luxury villa is a great option to go for. It enables you to experience what royalty feels like, and you can get such experiences by considering rental services.

Such services offer people complete privacy, location benefits, world-class amenities, and more. But the investors need to make the worthy selection by considering specific traits regarding rent, things to consider, crucial aspects to know, and more. Take a look here: –

Important things to know while selecting a luxury villa on rent: 

The free space: –

If you are willing to enjoy the remarkable benefits of the luxurious villa, then you need to ensure that it offers the provision of sufficient free space. In addition, the people need to note that the villas have shared walls, and it can limit your privacy. So, if you want to get extra spaces, you need to ask the agents or villa owners regarding it. 

Room allotments: –

Commonly, the villas have more than 3 bedrooms. There are multiple rooms present for people essential for getting flexible planning. Such flexible planning offers you the ease of allotting rooms to your family members you can get the admired comfort and convenience. 

Prefer contemporary features: –

Before finalizing anything, you need to inspect the entire villa. If you cannot do so, you can hire professional property inspectors. In addition, you need to prioritize the recently introduced features and study numerous villas that you are interested in. 

Therefore, the modern villa plans include extended parking facilities that will ensure you are getting a lot of parking spaces. 

Hire professionals: –

Suppose you aren’t having sufficient information regarding luxury villas present in a specific area. In this case, you need to hire professional real estate agents. Such people can help you find out the perfect Luxury Villa in Casa Marlago under budget without any hassle.

You can tell professionals your demand like interior designing, proper documentation, painting, and more. You are proficient in enjoying all of these advantages by hiring professionals to find out the deserving and worthy luxury villa. 

Neglect cheap rates: –

We all know that luxury villas are expensive, and numerous people aren’t able to afford such expenses. But if you see an advertisement that a luxury villa is readily available at cheap rates, then you must not prefer it.

 Modern projects are used in smart home technology, and they are a bit energy efficient. So, the Luxury Villa in Casa Marlago demands higher prices which ensures that there are no possibilities to get such places at cheap rates.

Leather Apparel – Where You Can Get The One For Yourself?

The leather apparel includes all the varieties of jackets, overcoats, blazers, shirt-jackets and belts also. This material apparel is mainly used in winter, as the leather helps a person stay warm. As the leather clothes have a thick layer that doesn’t let the air pass in, because of such quality these clothes are only used in the winter times. Anyone can buy leather clothes; this means jackets, overcoats and many more for themselves.

There are many shops or showrooms are present that offers the person such clothes types. Moreover, people can also buy leather clothes online. The online stores or the platform also provides the Cheapest Gucci belts, shoes and many more. The leather apparel has a unique style and look; a person can make his outfit more attractive by wearing it.

There are many different styles, designs, and many more things are present in leather apparel. It is all up to the demand of the customers that which type of apparel they want. Such material clothes last longer and are flexible as well. This means that leather apparel has a shelf life of many years compared to other material clothes.

What kind of leather is the softest for apparel?

Well, there are many types of leather are present through which the apparel is designed. But every person wants comfort and soft apparel for wearing. Thus if you also want to wear the softest leather apparel, then the best one for you is Lambskin. Such type of leather comes from an animal. The lambskin leather is also light in weight, airy layered and gives the softest output and velvet-like texture. So this is the softest leather which helps in making the softest apparel.

What are the different types of leather which are used in making apparel?

Many different types of leather present are mainly used in making apparel. But still, the top four types of leather that give the best and outstanding result in apparel are; Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, Corrected Grain Leather and last but not least, Bonded Leather. These are some different types of leather that are specially and primarily used in making apparel. However, there are many more available, but these are the best ones for such a purpose.

What are the variants of leather apparel?

If we talk about the leather apparel variants, there are many presents that a person can buy and enjoy. Still, some leather apparel variants or the different types are leather jackets, overcoats, Blazers, Shirt-Jackets, Vests, etc. Furthermore, people can also buy the Cheapest Gucci belts, made of the best leather types. However there are many more apparel types are present for a person to wear.

Wrapping up

So, leather apparel is mainly used in the winter seasons, and there are also many variants or leather types. The different leathers have a different quality that gives the stuff a different texture. The best thing about leather apparel is that these clothes are easy to buy.

Redecorate A Room Without Breaking The Bank

Since I started blogging, one of the areas where I have been the most inspired is home design. I love the way furniture, color, patterns and eclectic pieces can come together to make the most beautiful room. I always thought that rooms needed to be pretty matchy-matchy to look good, but my eyes have really been opened by interior design blogs. We are planning to move in the next 6 months, so lately I have been paying attention to rooms that I love so that I can remember them as I plan what our next house will look like. I know that I want it to have color and simplicity while still maintaining a home-y feel.

In the meantime, while we are still living in our current house I wanted to incorporate a few of my favorite design trends. We can’t afford to do anything major right now since we aren’t planning to live here long-term, but by adding a few things here and there we can change the look of a room at a decent price!

Using the above picture, let’s look at a few quick things you can do to change a room.

Framed Wallpaper – $44.98

This is a newer trend that has become popular recently for several reasons. First of all, it’s a lot cheaper than nice framed artwork. It’s also pretty simple: find some wallpaper that you love and put it in a frame. The picture above shows a pretty large piece, but you can also do several smaller frames of wallpaper and make a gallery wall. The nice thing is that you can customize it as much as you want and switch it easily any time that you need a change!

Flowers – $19.99

Fresh flowers not only add pops of color to a room; they smell amazing, too! Flowers placed around a room can really add to the design of the room by bringing the color scheme together and adding visual interest to a room. If you aren’t into fresh flowers or think they’ll cost too much long-term, artificial flowers can be just as pretty and they last a lot longer. Try to use flowers in contrasting colors from the furniture and accents in the room so that they will really pop!

Chandelier – $250

Okay, so this one seems a little pricier, but a change in the lighting fixture can drastically change the mood and design of a room. It’s definitely worth the splurge. A chandelier makes everything look modern and put together. It’s also a major piece of eye candy in the room and really draws the eye upward. It doesn’t have to be super fancy and made of crystal. I found an antler chandelier that my husband would just love. Remind me not to show him…I don’t really want that in my house! : ) Try to find coupons to help lower the price.

Colorful Pillows – $29.99

This is the easiest one of all to do. Buy a few new pillows and the room will be completely transformed before your eyes. The key is to look for pillows in bright colors or with unique patterns. They don’t all have to match, just make sure they bring together colors in the room! The picture above has 4 different colors of pillows, yet they all work together to complete the look and feel of the room. My favorite pillows right now are the chevron pattern. I just can’t get enough of them!

Those are just a few less-expensive ways to design a room. These have been great for us in our home. Since we are planning to move, we don’t want to put a lot of money back into the house by redoing floors or painting walls. Artwork and pillows have really helped us to add color and interest to our rooms.

Spoil Your Furry Feline Friend Starting Now

Even though I’ve never owned a cat I’ve always thought they would be a great addition to my home. My Grandma has had cats ever since I can remember and most of them have had very pleasant demeanors and are fun to play with. If a cat is young enough, they love to play with you and if you’re not careful they might swipe their playful paws right at you too!

If I had a cat I think I would want to spoil him or her rotten. There are so many fashionable and appropriate gadgets and gizmos for your pets, it’s impossible to not buy them! Here are a few of my favorite picks and for all of you cat owners and lovers – you should definitely check these out!

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Water Dish for Cats & Dogs – $38

If your sweet kitty always prefers to drink water out of the faucet when you turn it on while you are only trying to get a drink for yourself, invest in this unique filtered waterfall! Instead of turning your faucets on all of the time you can give your cat his or her own faucet. Allowing your cat to drink from the faucet may seem cute at first but over time it may become time consuming!

Three Condo Cat Tree in Beige Faux Fur – $140

If you want your feline friend to feel on top of the world, spoil them rotten with a climbing condo cat tree. The plywood top pole on this condo cat tree is adjustable and can be attached to the ceiling! Cats love exploring new heights and this condo cat tree will not only look good in your living room, but your cat will love it just as much.

Cat Litter Box Mahogamy Cabinet – $173

If you want to seamlessly disguise your cat’s litter box, this cabinet is the perfect way to do it! This handsome cabinet is an ideal way to conceal your cat’s litter box. It also has stylish details that will go with all of your decor. This cat litter box comes with only an opening on the right side of the cabinet, so that after the cat does his or her business they can be on their way!

Ethical Pet Motion Activated Cat Ball Cat Toy – $3.49

Let your cat have fun playing with a cat ball that looks unique and that will also keep your cat entertained for hours! If I had a cat I would definitely get lots of toys to entertain him or her throughout the day.

Turbo Track Cat Toy – $23

Saving the best toy for last (in my opinion) is the track for your cat! Continue to entertain your kitty and yourself by watching your kitty go crazy over the ball that goes around and around on the track! Instead of sleeping all day your sweet cat will be too busy trying to catch what’s on the track. Looks like fun to me!

Now that you’ve been given many new cat toys and products to look over, why not spoil your cat in the new year and give them something that they will love? If I had a cat I definitely would spoil him or her all year long!

The 40 Online Stores You Need To Follow On Twitter

We love Twitter. And we love online shopping, in case you didn’t notice. When the two meet, we’re just beside ourselves. While plenty of online stores have a Twitter account where they post deals or handle customer service, some stores go way above and beyond, offering some amazingly awesome content or being incredibly interactive with its followers. Those guys are the true cherries on our ice cream sundae.

So which stores are the most social on Twitter? That’s what we wanted to find out. We spent waaaay too many hours on the site (shh… don’t tell our boss), and came up with a list of the 40 best online stores with Twitter accounts. Here for you are the top merchants we think you should be following (Oh, and be sure to tell them @JoeShopping sent ya!):

1-800-PetMeds (@1800PetMeds)

What do pet lovers enjoy doing most? Yeah, sharing stories and photos about their pets. That’s just what you’ll find on 1-800-PetMeds’ Twitter stream. A great mix of contests, coupons, pet tips and news, along with plenty of shared photos for a fun interactive environment. (@6pm)

Sure the folks at will occasionally mention sales, new products and handle customer service issues, but the bulk of their day is spent chatting with their followers about recent purchases or asking clothing or shoe-related opinion questions. They’re definitely putting the “social” in “social shopping.”

Abt Electronics (@abtelectronics)

From iPads to Blu-ray players, the Abt gang shares a love of electronics with their Twitter followers as they chat about the latest innovations in technology. You’ll also regularly find deals spotlighted and plenty of gift card giveaways.

Ace (@AceHardware)

Ace is the place… the place for some seriously nice and friendly tweets. Get a heads-up on store sales and coupons, all sorts of repair tips, and even a huge congrats if you suddenly become mayor of your local Ace courtesy of FourSquare.

Ann Taylor (@anntaylor)

Like its sister site @LOFT, the Ann Taylor Twitter feed is chock full of compliments and positive feedback for all the outfits its followers share. They clearly take the time to listen to their fans, and mix things up with fashion questions, giveaways, coupons and more.

Anthropologie (@Anthropologie)

Anthropologie sells some truly unique women’s clothing and home decor. So it’s no surprise that tons of the store’s customers love sharing their recent purchases on Twitter. Look for plenty of comments, retweets and photos.

Archie McPhee (@archiemcphee)

For a store that sells true oddities like Emergency Googly Eyes and Inflatable Beards, you’d expect an equally entertaining and wacky Twitter stream of awesome. And you’d be 100% correct! Highly interactive, expect plenty of goofy photos, videos and links.

Athleta (@athleta)

Running. Stretching. Working out. Moving. That’s what Athleta’s all about, and that’s just what they preach to the Twitterverse. Look for announcements of new store openings and sales, inspirational posts, and plenty of warm fuzzies to go around!

Bath & Body Works (@LUVBBW)

From general questions to popular fragrances, the team behind BBW’s Twitter account loves talking fragrances with their fans. They do a bang-up job interacting, be it sharing new purchases, commenting back or handling customer service complaints. It’s not just their products that are so sweet…

Blockbuster (@blockbuster)

Like movies? Then you’re in good company. The movie rental store chats regularly with its followers about the latest big screen hits (and flops), celebrity birthdays, TV shows, newest DVD releases and more.

Bluefly (@bluefly)

It’s ALL about fashion for Bluefly. Style and trend updates, the latest designer sales, and a slew of comments on followers’ outfits are all pretty much the norm.

BuyCostumes (@BuyCostumes)

We love the gang at BuyCostumes! You’ll get the lowdown on the hottest costumes and current coupons and deals, plus a bevvy of opinion polls and funtastic photos. They really do a top-notch job of mixing pop-culture with “this day in history.”

Charlotte Russe (@CharlotteRusse)

The Charlotte Russe Twitter Stream is a virtual fashion show runway. They’re constantly sharing fashionable photos of celebs and fans strutting around in their latest designer fashions. You’ll also learn about the latest sales, join in on fashion polls and get a chance to snag some gift cards in regular giveaways.

Crate & Barrel (@CrateandBarrel)

“Home Tweet Home.” That’s what Crate and Barrel’s Twitter bio says and they certainly live up to it. The home furnishings store tweets with its followers and they do it quite often, whether it’s commenting on a follower’s photo or purchase, or asking for feedback.

DSW Shoe Warehouse (@DSWShoeLovers)

DSW loves shoes. Just check their Twitter stream and you’ll see them regularly sharing reviews and tips with their followers about any and all kinds of footwear. They geniuely seem to love getting (and giving) feedback to all their fans.

Estee Lauder (@EsteeLauder)

Get expert beauty advice (and tons of compliments) from the folks handling the Estee Lauder Twitter feed. They do a super job of mixing things up with tips, quotes, retweets, information and photos.

Gap (@Gap)

The social media coordinators for Gap are obssessed with fashion. But in a good way! Besides handling customer complaints, they regularly retweet and chat with followers about their latest purchases.

Godiva (@GodivaChoc)

If it’s not too torturous for you, following Godiva on Twitter can lead to all sorts of happiness. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Find plenty of user interaction via comments and retweets, as well as mouth-watering photos.

The Home Depot (@HomeDepot)

Nicole and Blake do a stellar job of funneling customer service complaints/requests, as well as sharing Special Buys of the Day and home repair tips and suggestions. Not to mention oodles of cheerleading support for their do-it-yourself followers.

JCPenney (@jcpenney)

JCP is a pretty family friendly kind of department store, and their Twitter feed is a real good reflection of that. Lots of interactions with followers, as well as updates on sales, new product lines and more.

Juicy Couture (@Juicy_Couture)

While there’s not much in terms of retweets and @ mentions with users, the Juicy Couture team spares no expense in the hashtag department! You’ll find some incredibly bubbly tweets mixed in with such entertaining hashtags as #rainbowofpants and #sandalsandminisandcutoffsohmy. If you’re a fan of Juicy Couture, you’ll <3 them on Twitter for sure. #WarmAndFuzziesIndeed

The Land of Nod (@TheLandofNod)

Childhood should be chock full of fun and innocence and that’s pretty much what you’ll get from The Land of Nod’s Twitter account. Expect a little bit of everything: fun facts (Did you know: A giraffe can clean its ears with its own tongue?), debates (at what age do you start having “kid parties”?), and oodles of great interactions with their followers.


Need a fashion critic? The LOFT Twitter crew is constantly sharing user photos and commenting on their latest outfits. You can also get in on giveways, coupons, sales, deals and all sorts of entertaining info.

Meijer (@meijer)

Just like the family-owned business, you’ll find a little bit of everything on Meijer’s Twitter account. Famous quotes, contests, giveaways, sale alerts and plenty of chatting with their followers.

Men’s Wearhouse (@menswearhouse)

You’re going to like the way they tweet. We guarantee it! Joe, Sarah, Nicole & David join forces to really keep the conversation moving as they offer stylish tips, fill-in-the-blank tweets, and loads of giveaways/contests.

Nordstrom (@nordstrom)

One of the more interactive merchants out there, if you plan on shopping at Nordstrom soon (or just got back from a shopping spree), definitely let them know! They just love asking what you bought, commenting on your purchases and generally talking with all their followers.

Old Navy (@oldnavy)

Old Navy puts out some really… odd commercials. Odd but fun. Their Twitter feed isn’t nearly as odd, but it’s definitely as much fun. There’s plenty of coupons, sales, giveaways and store info to go around but there’s also lots of wacky, interactive tweets to get followers involved.

Omaha Steaks (@OmahaSteaks)

The biggest problem with following Omaha Steaks on Twitter is that it’ll make you crazy hungry! You’ll find photos, sales, coupons and giveways, as well as support for their meat-loving, ever-grilling followers.

Origins (@Origins)

The Origins crew does a fantastic job of listening to its followers, offering helpful tips and suggestions to all sorts of natural beauty-related questions. They also share info on various free samples when available.

PetSmart (@PetSmart)

The Internet was invented solely for the purpose of sharing photos and videos of kittens and puppies. So how are you NOT following PetSmart on Twitter?!? It’s a non-stop pet party! While there isn’t much interaction with followers, you’ll get an overload of pet tips and cuteness.

Piperlime (@PiperlimeBrand)

Talk about friendly service! You can tell the people Tweeting at Piperlime really do love their followers since they spend most of the day chatting about their latest purchases. Piperlime’s also proactive in that they ask specific questions or “fill-in-the-blank” type tweets to keep the converstaion moving.

Radio Shack (@RadioShack)

Besides helpful information and great customer service, the duo handling the electronic retailer’s Twitter account regularly shares useful links and apps. You can also jump in on some great contests regularly for gift cards, T-shirts or electronics.

Sears (@Sears)

You’ll find a great mix of customer service, cool new products, store trivia and all-around fun links from the department store’s official Twitter account.

Sierra Trading Post (@sierratp)

The community tweeps behind Sierra Trading Post sure are jealous of their followers. Besides tweeting about the latest sales or deals, the STP gang engages its users who are sharing their outdoor adventures be it hiking, surfing or snowboarding.

Snapfish (@snapfishbyhp)

Users love sharing their photos, and Snapfish loves re-sharing (a.k.a. retweeting) them with all of their followers. They’re also quick to jump on any customer service issues you may have, and great at offering product suggestions tailored to your photos.

ThinkGeek (@Thinkgeek)

Strap yourself in for some highly entertaining posts from the monkey-filled HQ of this awesome pop culture-loving, geek-filled store. You can also expect random coupon codes, including some highly discounted ones like a $100 event. Best of all, no poo throwing.

Urban Outfitters (@urbanoutfitters)

Some nice fan interaction, along with a ton of great opinions and Instagram photos to show off the latest fashion trends from the fun folks at Urban Outfitters.

VitaminShoppe (@VitaminShoppe)

Some of the healthiest tweets come out of the VitaminShoppe account. Get tips on physical and mental health, as well as the latest news on exercise supplements, working out and losing weight. Nice interaction with their followers too!

The Walking Company (@thewalkingco)

Great conversation and customer service is complimented beautifully by inspirational tweets about walking, getting in shape and enjoying the outdoors.

Wet Seal (@wetseal)

The gang at Wet Seal taught us that “stressed” spelled backwards is “dessert,” so we’re hooked! Get coupon and sales info, inspirational tweets, fun facts and photos, and plenty of all-around great interaction.

Did we miss your favorite online store’s Twitter account?

Refresh Your Wardrobe With Recycled Old T Shirts

In the world of fast fashion, our wardrobes are often teeming with clothes we wear once or twice, and then they never see the light of day again. Either we forget about them, or a new trend has arrived which we are lusting after – so last season’s clothes get relegated to the back of the wardrobe.

A lot of us recycle by donating our old clothing to charities which is great if you are definitely never going to wear the clothes again. However, why not update your old clothes instead of getting rid of them? Not only will you be recycling, you will be saving money which is always a welcome bonus. Here are some tips to help you create some new looks from your old t-shirts.

Slogan t-shirts

Slogan t-shirts are everywhere this season, and are really versatile pieces of clothing; dress them up or dress them down, they always look great. But as they are everywhere, everyone is wearing them – so stand out from the crowd and create your own.

Pick an old plain t-shirt or vest; ones that are baggier tend to be better for slogans as there is a bigger surface area to write your message on. Think of a slogan to put on your t-shirt, take it to a t-shirt printing company and you can usually work with them to pick the font and size of the message.

Alternatively you could use fabric paints and pens to draw on your own message – a great option if you’ve got a creative streak! You’ll achieve a unique look and style without spending a fortune and you’ll be recycling a t-shirt you thought you’d never wear again.

Motif t-shirts

If you prefer something a bit prettier than a slogan t-shirt, and you’re quite artistic, you could create and draw your own design straight on to your old t-shirt – without even having to buy any specialist tools.

All you need is an old t-shirt, chalk, household bleach, a paintbrush, newspaper and a bit of imagination. Dark colored t-shirts usually work better for this, but you can always experiment and see what works for you.

Get your t-shirt and place some newspaper inside to prevent the bleach from going straight through the garment. Using the chalk, draw a design on your shirt. Simple shapes work best and you can always practice first on paper. Once happy with your design, place some bleach in a mug and dip your paintbrush in. Trace over the chalk with the bleach and once you’re happy with the color of the design, pop the t-shirt into the washing machine. The bleach will have soaked in to the t-shirt, leaving behind your unique design.

You can experiment with different techniques and styles and create some really interesting t-shirt designs. They don’t even need to be plain shirts; you could always embellish or alter existing designs on t-shirts by using fabric pens to bring the trends up to date. The important thing is that by recycling these old clothes, you’re being environmentally friendly, saving money, and still managing to look stylish!

Safe Pregnancy Beauty Products To Ease Your Mind And Your Body

Something about pregnancy makes you immediately freak out about every single little thing that you are eating, drinking, wearing, using, etc. Once you get that positive pregnancy test, it’s all about the baby and being as safe as possible. I have several friends who are pregnant right now and they have been scouring the internet for safe products to use during their pregnancies. Since I’m a nurse, they all ask me for advice… and I have to remind them that I’m an emergency room nurse, not a baby nurse! I’ve been researching with them and I found a skin care line that I adore and WILL use when I’m pregnant in the future – Belli Skin Care.

image via Belli Skin Care

They actually have a specific line of products for pregnant women that are free of any chemicals that have been linked to birth defects or miscarriage. They are the only line of products in the world that screens each and every ingredient for any known harmful effects to a developing baby. On their website they state that “our love of pregnancy and motherhood guides everything we do.” I really love and applaud a company that is conscientious about working to make safe products available to pregnant women, mothers and babies. I’m not really one to go all “organic” with things, but I do love the Belli Skin Care mission and their passion for safe pregnancies. I read through tons of reviews on their website and it seems like everyone really loves their products.

Here’s a few of their products that caught my eye:

Elasticity Belly Oil – $39.99

No one wants stretch marks, right? This oil is made with natural ingredients that are proven to aid skin in stretching like that that occurs during pregnancy. It also has a lavender scent to soothe and antioxidants to keep skin looking healthy and fresh.

Acne Cleansing Facial Wash – $22.00

So apparently most of the prescription and over-the-counter products that fight acne aren’t really good for you during pregnancy… and yet pregnancy often increases acne! Don’t give up on clear skin, though. Try this acne treatment – made up of lemon peel oil, green tea extract and cucumber.

Pampered Pregnancy Body Wash – $15.00

The name of this body wash says it all – pregnant women deserve to be pampered! This body wash is made especially gentle to avoid stripping the body of natural oils using cucumber and green tea extracts. It also has lavender and chamomile for a sweet scent.

Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen SPF 25 – $24.00

It’s important not to forget about sunscreen all the time, including when pregnant. This product is lightly tinted to blend with all skin colors and is oil free. It’s made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which both act as barriers to the sun.

Belli Skin Care has several other products for pregnancy worth mentioning: Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator, All Day Moisture Body Lotion, Acne Control Spot Treatment and Foot Relief Cream. Doesn’t everything sound so dreamy and spa-like? They also have lines for mothers and babies with many more products that are tested for safety.

You can order these products at places like Ulta and Just be sure to check for Ulta coupons or coupons first, since the prices are a little bit more than typical drugstore brands. Paying for quality is worth it, though, especially when there’s a little bun in the oven!

Note: I haven’t tried any of the above products. I’m just sharing a company that is passionate about providing safe products for moms and babies.

What are your favorite pregnancy skin care products?

Sail The World With Nautical Decor

I’m hoping to move in with my boyfriend in the near future, so decor items and what theme to incorporate has most definitely been on my mind. We both have a deep love for the ocean, so I’m thinking that nautical decor might be something we both can embrace. There are several different ocean themed items to choose from and here are a few that have caught my eye.

I thought this 30″ Hanging Canvas Nautical Decor Knot Board was quite unique as it showcases different knots. Who would have known that there are so many knots that can be tied depending on what you are accomplishing?! When I went sailing with my boyfriend in San Francisco I was astounded as to all of the steps that take place while you are sailing. I can’t image being in a ship and having to learn how to tie so many unique knots for different purposes. It must be a lot of work!

What about a Silver Ship Porthole Mirror? If you are going to stick with a nautical theme, a porthole mirror will make you feel like you are out at sea, gearing up for your next mission. If you’ve ever been on a cruise, portholes give you a glimpse of water when you need it the most, especially if you tend to get sea sick. I love how portholes are circular, which is unique in comparison to a normally square window.

Now if I really wanted to create a nautical theme, I could eventually purchase a Nautical Sailboat Art Wood Frame Indoor Table Top Fan which could transform my stand alone fans into a stylish home accent. In Southern California you definitely need fans in the summer months and since we live by the beach, we don’t have air conditioning. No one likes to look at fans with the dust particles that have gathered, so a fan frame might be just what the doctor ordered.

I’m really loving this Sailing Tortola Canvas Art. My boyfriend has sailed in multiple places, so anything with sailing he will like. I would ideally enjoy locating a canvas art shot of a sail boat in San Francisco or in St. John in the Carribean. Both places are locations that my boyfriend adores, so I might have to go on a canvas sailboat hunt. This print is quite lovely and full of ocean dreams though.

Why not tie everything together with an American Home Rug Co. Beach Rug in our kitchen or living room? The colors would match all of the other decor items I have picked out, and stripes are the perfect beach theme to tie into a ocean themed home. Plus, did you know that you can find a number of additional nautical decor items at sites such as the Home Decorators Collection. Don’t forget about the Home Decorators coupons and discounts that are available on!

Now when my boyfriend and I head out to the beach, we won’t be missing it quite as often when we return to our dreamy home. Blues generally are calming and since both my boyfriend and I work out of our home, our home will be calming, blissful, and remind us of all of our ocean adventures to come. I can’t wait.

Store Spotlight Lands End

At, you’ll find a full line of classically styled, American brand clothing for every member of the family. They carry both casual apparel for women, men, girls, and boys as well as tailored clothing, too. Their inventory includes both affordable choices (with plenty of options under $10) as well as luxurious choices (like cashmere sweaters and scarfs.)

Everything you’ll need to stay warm this winter, like down jackets and vesets, cable knit and wool sweaters, and waterproof and insulated winter accessories, you’ll find it at Lands’ End. Plus, you’ll find plenty of warm footwear choices, like boots, slippers and clogs.

And if you’re fleeing the winter weather for a vacation in the tropics (or if you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate), Lands’ End carries a large selection of swimwear and sandals year round in both their regular and sale sections.

Aside from dressing you and your family, Lands’ End also dresses your home. Their online store includes bedding, bath, holiday, home decor, and furniture. Lands’ End also has you covered outside of the home, too. Luggage & school supplies like lunch totes and backpacks are also available. These items can be personalized with monogramming for just $6 ($10 for most luggage, towels and sheet sets.)

What you won’t what to miss: On the Counter

Every Saturday in “On the Counter“, prices are slashed on a new group of products, which are available in very limited quantities. On Monday, the sales price is reduced by 25%. By Wednesday, that reduction is increased to 50%. By Friday, these prices are slashed to 75% off! You’ll also want to check out their Overstocks section, where you’ll find clearance prices up to 70% off!

ShopYourWay Rewards

ShopYourWay Rewards is a free program at Lands’ End that rewards customers for shopping. You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases. You can earn and redeem points online and in store at Lands’ End, Sears, Kmart, The Great Indoors and

You can use these points in-store at the register or online to save on your purchase. You can choose how many points you want to apply to your order, and those points will be used to deduct money from your total. Every 1,000 points is worth $1 in value.

Guaranteed. Period.

With their ironclad, unconditional guarantee, Lands’ End is commited to customer satisfaction. If for any reason whatsoever that you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for an exchange or full refund. Returns can even be made at your local Sears store in their Lands’ End Shop. And if you need any help, Customer Service is available 24/7 by phone, text chat or video chat!

Connect with!

Ready to Shop? Head over to now and you’ll save 25% during their Friends & Family Sale, now through 11/15! You’ll also get Free Shipping when you spend $50 or more! It’s a great opportunity to wrap up some of your holiday shopping!

Find more Coupons & Sales here!

Spring Colors Every Closet Needs

Spring is my second favorite season (Fall is the first). I love the pretty weather and the burst of colors that comes through nature, from the trees and the grass to the flowers and the birds. Everything just seems to be alive and growing. There is an excitement and anticipation in the air, just knowing that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. Being outside is so therapeutic to me.

With Spring fast approaching, it’s time to start packing away the winter clothes and moving the spring and summer clothes to the front. I love going through my closet periodically to remember exactly what pieces I have to work with. There’s something refreshing about getting rid of old clothes and making room for new clothes. The warmer weather brings about a desire for brighter colors and bold outfits. There’s a few colors that are really “in” for Spring right now. I usually don’t worry about being really trendy, but these colors are so fun that you will want to jump right on the bandwagon! Read on.

Spring Trends by mgcheerl featuring a button shirt


In outfit number one, the cobalt jeans are the scene stealer. Cobalt is such a bright color and really looks good on all skin tones, whether fair or dark. My favorite way to wear cobalt is with jeans (as above) or with a great blazer. Then you can pull more neutral pieces from your closet to pair with this bright color. Don’t be afraid to pair other colors with it, though. Look how awesome that yellow belt goes with the bright blue! I’ve been looking for some cobalt jeans and I love this Guess pair. Don’t forget to use coupons, as sometimes jeans can be a little pricey.


The second outfit pictured above is my favorite color combination right now…turquoise and coral. Talk about stunning. These two colors go so well together in any version, whether its clothing, home design or stationery. I just can’t get enough of their pairing. I used the white skirt as a calm neutral piece since there is so much color going on everywhere else. Look for turquoise and coral jewelry or shoes that you can add to pieces that you already own in your closet.


Oh, pink. My favorite color. I’m so glad that it is officially “in” right now. I mean, to me it’s always in, but I’m not a fashion trendsetter unfortunately. I love the bright pop of color that the pink jeans add to the outfit. Talk about stepping out in style! These are perfect for those days where you are channeling your feminine, girly side. Paired with a flowy white blouse and a pair of nude pumps, this is an outfit that you can be comfortable in all day. Bonus: you will look amazing, too!

Don’t forget to use the accessories that you already have to add a little oomph to your outfits, including jewelry, belts, scarves and shoes. Go ahead and start shopping…these colors are waiting to be worn. I know they are pretty bold, but give them a try. You will be amazed. Oh, and guys, don’t feel left out. Y’all can wear these colors, too. A cobalt or pink t-shirt is completely acceptable.

Summer Protection Preserve Your Skin With Savvy Sun Skin Care

Even though the summer is a time to have fun outdoors, it’s also a time to take care of your skin. My mom and grandma lived during a time where there wasn’t sun protection available, so we are fortunate today to have so many options! From sunscreen to SPF in makeup and lotion, there are many many ways to protect your skin.

My boyfriend happens to be 15 years older than me and I don’t think he looks a day over 30! Want to know why? He does an amazing job at taking care of his skin. He wears a fisherman’s hat when we go on walks and go to the beach (yes, you read that correctly!), and he also wears high SPF sunscreen. He also makes sure that his arms are covered whenever he has prolonged sun exposure.

I’m pretty sure I have more wrinkles than him and that’s because he doesn’t seem to have any! I think we should all strive to have great skin and in order to take care of it, we need to invest in quality skin care protection.

Also, I don’t think my mom would mind me sharing that she has had skin cancer on the outer most layer of her skin and she’s another loved one who has inspired me to spread the word on how important it is to take care of your skin! I used to be more carefree about my skin, but I’m proud to say that I’ve never been to a tanning bed and never plan to. I’m okay with being a white beach girl!

So let’s check out some great ways to protect your skin, shall we?

If you want to go the eco-friendly route, and if you have sensitive skin like me, I would suggest you trying out ECO logical skin care. I’ve never tried this skin care line, but it definitely looks like a great product to try! It is: Make-Up Friendly, Non-Comedogenic, Moisturizing, Non-Greasy, Hypoallergenic and provides UVA & UVB Protection. I’m definitely going to try this out soon!

If you want to protect the kids with a high SPF product there’s several to choose from, such as Coppertone Kids Sunscreen Spray SPF 50, California Baby Sunscreen SPF 30, and Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Sunscreen SPF 30. I always struggle with finding a SPF sunscreen that is hypo-allergenic and that won’t break my skin out, so it’s great that I have so many to choose from!

As well as SPF sunscreen, there are other ways to protect your skin, such as using protective lip balm, tinted makeup, and even a quick fix concealer.

Another product I’d like to try is the Demablend Quick-Fix Concealer with SPF Sunscreen, which is perfect if you are out at the beach and need a quick fix up. Carry this quick-fix concealer in your purse and use it on-the-go. I also love how they describe the product: “A full coverage concealer for moderate to major localized skin flaws. Dark under eye circles, bruises, blemishes, age spots, scars and freckles. An improved lightweight formula with high purity pigments, Quick-Fix offers improved skin tone shades and texture with long lasting wear.” Sounds perfect to me!

Lip balm is also important because believe it or not, your lips can get burned. If you still want to wear your hot pink lipstick that’s fine, but applying some lip protection either underneath your lipstick or above it is a good idea. There’s Banana Boat Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 45 which is a great lip protector for your puckers!

I always make sure I have SPF on my face too. I wear Bare Minerals which already has SPF 15, but on the areas of my skin that I feel are starting to show signs of aging, I wear SPF 25 or more (I use a concealer stick with SPF).

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare All in One Tinted Moisturizer looks like it would be a great product to have and use for everyday face skin care. It works as both a foundation and moisturizer and it protects your skin!

So next time you are out in the sun think of this post and remember how important it is to take care of your skin. Have a great summer and remember to be skin care and sun savvy!

What products do you use to protect your skin?

The Miche Bag Customizable Purses

Ever heard of a Miche Bag? If you’re like me, you like to be able to switch up your purses all of the time. It’s hard trying to match several different outfits to one purse, unless you go with the basics. A basic purse is not as much fun though, now is it? That’s where the Miche Bag comes in.

The Miche Bag is a bag that allows you to never have to switch purses again. All of your essentials are in one spot and you never have to switch your accessories in and out of several different purses. Very convenient if you ask me. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I think so.

So this is how the Miche Bag works.

First – you get your Miche base bag. There are 4 different styles to choose from. Select from the Prima, Classic, Demi & Petite base bags. Go with a petite sized purse, classic base bag, or slightly larger purse like the Demi or Prima. Also select from the colors black or brown for your base bag.


Second – this is where it gets fun! Pick from a variety of shells to “decorate” your Miche Bag and use this shell to go over your Prima, Class, Demi, or Petite base bag! Depending on your mood and outfit pick out a shell that you know you will love. Also be sure to pick out extra shells for when your mood changes and you are going out in a hot new outfit. Because you know that your mood will change, and often. At least my mood likes to change all of the time.

One of my personal favorite shells is the Janine shell, which is a feminine pink shell made out of faux leather and an extra chic texture. The site calls this shell high-style flair, and I happen to agree. Bring your base bag and this shell (together they make a perfect pair), and go on a date and have fun!

Third – Yay – you now have one bag that works as several bags! How cool is that?! Take care of your base bag and keep it clean – you’ll want to keep it in tip top shape so that you can buy several shells to accessorize it with. After you’re done having fun with your purse, don’t forget about the accessories.

There are coin purses, bag charmers, and more to choose from. My favorite accessory is the Gumdrop Bag Charmer. Super blue and cute, it reminds me of the ocean. Plus it would go heavenly with a blue shell or something basic like black. I can’t wait to accessorize away when I finally have my Miche Bag!

So there you have it. One bag. Several shells and accessories = one fabulous handbag. Switch it up depending on your mood without spending tons of money. Oh, and not to mention you don’t have to take your lipgloss, keys, money, hair brush, makeup, etc. out of your bag every single time. Now all you have to switch is the shell and you’ve yourself a new fabulous handbag!

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bags. They’re gorgeous, creative, and great with space too. They come with several different pockets inside of the bag too, enough to store all of your accessories, cell phone, and more. You already know I like extra space, so you better believe I’ll be getting a bag that can help me carry a favorite book or my new Amazon Kindle. Yay.

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